Muntok started its journey with a single motto: designing unique products for users in a variety of sectors, while proving quality against its substitutes. Our story took off as we produced equipment and tableware accessories for chefs and restaurants. Over time thanks to our top clients collaborative vision, we created useful and unique products for many people to use in their daily routine. As an experienced manufacturing workshop in Istanbul, Muntok has fulfilled many customers needs by producing unique high quality leather and textile products.

We aim to innovate and expand our design vision by continuing our collaboration with like minded creatives and brands.


Products & Collection

Nature of Leather

The biggest difference in our products and quality comes from the high quality materials we use. Leather has remained in the taste of people for many years with its quality perception. As you know, the product produced with a good material is also long-lasting, and we act selectively in the materials we use in order to maintain this longevity.

You can follow some images of our products in the gallery below. If you are interested in the products made here, contact us by mail.